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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day #4

I looked forward to this day, compared to those within the week. We went for a trip to the downtown of Vancouver, and ended this incredible day with lots of dancing and dinner on a boat.

After breakfast, we board the bus and in about 20 minutes time, the city came into view. The architecture were impressive and the scenery was equally breathtaking. Vancouver offers its best with the beautiful blend of architecture and nature, and the equally friendly community.

UBC Robson Square

We went to UBC Robson Square and had a short seminar with a few business representatives from Vancouver City which elaborated on their attempts and roles in promoting the concept of sustainability through their respective careers.

Dorris Orr, from Vancity Risk Bank

Stewart Lampe, from The Soap Dispensary

The Soap Dispensary encourages their customers to bulk-buy detergents in self-brought containers as part of the business's sustainability initiatives.

Elaine Fisher, from the beautiful Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Anthony Taylor, from The Hive

UBC's very own representative who talked about the biodiesel project in UBC

Christine Park, of AMS Bike Co-Op, which promotes the concept of bike-sharing by offering bike-fixing services and teaching programmes. 
Next would be the Sustainability Photo Challenge, which required teamwork as we were required to be present in photos at certain famous locations around Vancouver City. It was similar to the Scavenger's Hunt - but much more laidback as we could take our time and stop to get refreshments. It was quite a letdown that we were advised not to go shopping around the city, but you'll know why later.

Some photos while exploring Vancouver City:

Random dancing on the street - but they're good !

This picture looks as though it will rain - but trust me, it was no way near that. In fact, it was sunny. 

Random white plant which I found fascinating.

Tori, from Arizona ! 

The Scavenger Photo Challenge was a free and easy task, so we got to chill out a lot and took our time exploring the city.  We were playing some games here near the beach.

Luis, from Mexico ! He claimed that Mexico City has the best Chinese food and invited me over :P 

William and Andrei

Ella, Alexander, Tomoki, William, Sarah and Andrei. <3

See this thing? What does it look like to you?

Looks like a giant proposal ring, no?

Andrei and I. Sitting beside him made me self-conscious of my tiny frame. 

Tori, from Arizona; myself; and Alisha from Canada

With Mady, from the States

Random mysterious stone structures alongside the beach

Here's an Italian couple selling a form of dessert near the beach, which I did not purchase, but watched with fascination - for it looked extremely similar to the ice-kacang in Malaysia.

Shaved ice kiosk ran by an Italian couple

An ice-cream I had from a store ran by an Asian couple. It was instant relief after walking for so long. The weather might be relatively cool here as compared to Malaysia's, but it did not tone down the Sun's powerful rays. I had definitely got tanner, and a few of my friends turned pink.

We found ourselves at the harbour of Vancouver City in the end, to board the Britannica.

Here's why we weren't encouraged to shop in the city. There were security checks before we board the boat and set off for an amazing evening.

Sushi was served as dinner, and dancing commenced after everyone was filled. It was quite an experience for me, for it was one of my firsts. I went up to get some air after a few minutes.

Pictures on the top deck !

This experience is surreal. I have never seen such a beautiful city in my life.

Can I go back in time?

My favourite Texans :D

Cute houses that seem to be floating on water

Simply, breathtaking

With Kendrix, my fellow Malaysian.

Andrei, from Quebec !

Hieu, from Texas !

The evening ended soon enough, and again before I end this post, thank you to UBC for their laborious effort to make this a success. The best of Vancouver was definitely revealed today.

Picture of the day:

I want, so badly, to return once more. 

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