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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day #3

This day kicked off by introductory speeches by different professors from UBC regarding their thesis. After this session, we got to sit in for a workshop with specific professors, in which I have chosen Professor Denver Nixon.

I really enjoyed this session as this workshop was more of a discussion than a workshop. Everything was relaxed and laidback, not to mention, extremely spontaneous. We fired questions at him and Mr Nixon could answer them at ease. Our discussion is focused around the efficiency of the implementation of the bike-sharing program, which is already established in a few places. We discussed the limitations of the concept with regards to our home country, which, in my case, I brought the issue of high crime rates with regards to the topic. The other limitations would be climate, culture, and mobility, which posed as barriers to this issue.

The highlight of the day would be the UBC Farm Exploration. It's quite a distance away from Totem Park and the CIRS Building, but there were interesting sights along the way - I actually saw people playing baseball !

My first time witnessing people playing baseball. Or it could be softball. I'm not too sure.

I stared rudely as this dude whizzed past me effortlessly on a UNICYCLE. 

Most of the food from the Totem Park Dining Hall and the CIRS Building were produced in the farm itself.

We were led to an open field, where we could just sit, relax and get together with our new friends while enjoying a barbecue dinner by caterers. Just in the midst of it, Quinn called for our attention and introduced Kutapira - a Zimbabwean music band which plays Afro-Cuban/Zimbabwean music

They were incredibly passionate when they were performing, and need I say, their music was awesome. Everyone got onto their feet and started dancing - and guess what? Today was just a warm up for tomorrow's real dancing on the cruise.

The evening ended with the long walk back to Totem Park, with everyone feeling pumped up for tomorrow's trip to downtown Vancouver.

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